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If you are planning to get a new handbag for yourself, it's best to make up your mind before going to the store. Otherwise you will end up confused and dizzy. There are so many brands and designers who have their own handbag lines at the moment. You will wonder how you will be able to choose one designer handbag from the thousands in the racks. That problem is even quadrupled if you go online. You can find so many online retailers on the Internet. Even the luxury brands have their own website as well. But at the height of financial crisis, it is best to be practical. Instead of wasting several hundreds of dollars on designer handbags, buy replica handbags instead. No one can tell the difference.

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What is Bottega Veneta?

Bottega Veneta is an Italian luxury goods brand that means Venetian atelier. It was established by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro in 1966. Their main goal was to produce artisanal leather goods. They are known for "intrecciato" or a leather-weaving technique they developed. This remains the brand's signature. The brand also has no known logo or emblem. They pride on being discreet and made the tag line "when your own initials are enough" famous. This went on from the 1970s to 1980s. Their fortunes declined in the 1990s and their understated elegance was foregone. Instead, they joined the trend-driven fashion. It was 2001 when the Gucci Group acquired Bottega Veneta. Tomas Maier became its Creative Director and he vowed to bring back the former glory of the brand. He succeeded in this attempt and over the years, they have added jewelry, eyewear, home fragrance and furniture and small leather goods.

The Cost of Luxury

Bottega Veneta is associated with luxury. It is one of the leading brands for expensive leather goods and accessories. Of course, it is within reason. The material, craftsmanship and design of the bags are all of superior quality. Thus, it's perfectly understandable that their merchandise is priced high. An original Bottega Veneta handbag costs $2,600 thereabouts. A mini leather clutch costs $1,000 already so a bag is bound to be more expensive. But if you want luxury without the matching price tag, go for Bottega Veneta Replica Bags. You'll still get the same Designer Handbag look without going broke. When you buy replica Bottega Veneta, don't forget the "intrecciato" look. This is the brand's signature.

Bottega Veneta Replica handbags

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Online for Discount Designer Bags Shopping

If you are on the lookout for fake designer handbags, go online. Online shopping has become the most convenient way to shop, especially for women. They can scour the online retailers' sites for the best deals without breaking into a sweat. You can find great Bottega Veneta replica bags online. The prices of the bags start from $172 up to $212. There is also a special wholesale price. These prices are about 70% less than original. The bags are really similar to the original, especially if you chose black or brown. Since Bottega Veneta has no particular logo, people cannot really determine if you bag is original or not.   

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